Cessna Grand Caravan Amphibian (Seaplane)

Take the exciting way to your next destination!

Arrive and depart in style aboard Air Juan’s fleet of BRAND NEW SEAPLANES straight to/from your resort. Comfortable leather seats and cabin interiors. State-of-the-art flight deck with modern navigational systems and controls. Indeed the new way to get to places beyond the conventional. A service crafted for the Philippine Islands.



AirJuan SeaPlane Exterior

Dual-purpose floats make a landing strip of any open water.

AirJuan SeaPlane Interior

The luxurious cabin comfortably accommodate as many as two crewmembers and twelve passengers.

AirJuan SeaPlane Avionics

State-of-the-art flight deck provides technology to minimize workload and intelligence to maximize safety.

AirJuan SeaPlane Specifications

38 ft 1 in length,17 ft 7 in height, 52 ft 1 in wingspan, 10 pax capacity, 294 km/h max. speed, 20,000 ft max. altitude.

Message from the Director of Seaplane Operations

I would personally like to invite everyone who has dreamed about easy access to the most beautiful regions of the Philippines to review our newly added seaplane services. You only have to dream about a destination island or resort and we can make it happen.

Is your schedule too tight to sit in an airport for hours waiting for a delayed flight to depart, endure a long bus ride to a crowded port, and then manage a longer boat ride on rough waters only to arrive at your resort late in the afternoon? When you only have 2 or 3 days off that means you spend half your time getting to or getting back from your destination. Now you can board one of our specialty seaplane flights and be at your resort of choice in time for breakfast. We can fly direct to the resort and even deliver you right to the beach.

For the next short while our seaplane operation will be operating on a "Soft Startup" and so not all services are fully up and running. For example we are busy getting permits for and constructing a seaplane jetty in the Manila Harbour which will allow us the freedom to book flights at a moments notice. Right now we are restricted by the overly congested airport but we will still be able to take requests and complete ad-hoc charters with at least a 48 hour notice.

John Goulet

Director of Seaplane Operations